The winery

The wine that reflects your taste

A wine born to express quality and character, a true lifestyle, precise in tradition, but also innovative, a look into the future.

A wine for everyone... for today's tasters and tomorrow's!

That is Torre Oria

An old winery with a unique history, a place where emotions take the form of great wines.

Founded in 1897 by Oria de Rueda family and located in the Dominion of Derramador in Requena, Torre Oria is one of the most prestigious wineries in Valencia.

Torre Oria is distinguished as the first winery located outside the Penedes area to produce under the Denomination of Origin Cava.

Their wines are under the Denomination of Origin Utiel -Requena and Valencia.

The winery major brands of both wine and Cava are Torre Oria and Marqués de Requena.